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About Us

By providing our pure Swiss Canned Air, our customers feel like they are surrounded dy pristine swiss nature and pure swiss mountain air.

About Us

Fresh air is one of the basic requirements for good health and is becoming scarce due to the indiscriminate cutting down of trees, setting up of factories and combustion of conventional fuels. The air quality around the world is on a decline and people are suffering from a range of health issues due to the same. Switzerland is among the countries with the best quality of air and ranks in the top three in the world health index. This quality of air is due to the lack of large, polluting factories and the great biodiversity of the nation. We, Swissbreeze, have been harvesting the fresh air from the best locations around Switzerland and have been delivering it to our valued clients at competitive prices. We are a Manufacturer and Exporter dealing in products including but not limited to Swiss Bottled Mountain Air, Swiss Mountain Air, Swiss Alpine Air, Swiss Canned Air and Swiss Bottled Air. Today, we are manufacturing over 200000 units each month and are exporting over 95 percent of our offerings.
Our Story

Our Story

The healing properties of the air around Swiss Alps have been well known throughout the world. This has also led to the setting up of numerous health and wellness resorts throughout the region and people have found respite from a number of health problems like asthma, tuberculosis, etc. Our aim is to share the wonders of Swiss Mountain Air and Swiss Alpine Air with the world and we have therefore focused our efforts towards bringing to our valued customers the best in terms of purity.
Latest Products
We have been providing our clients with pure Swiss air that has been tested and certified to be free from contaminants.

Our Team

We are 6 individuals from around the world who are on a mission to provide people with a breath of fresh air with our Swiss Mountain Air and Swiss Alpine Air. Each of us brings to the team a unique set of skills which we put to good use while pursuing our targets and ensuring that our customers receive the best products and services. We have thus been able to achieve high levels of client satisfaction and thus have quickly emerged as a frontrunner in the bottled air market. Our team consists of the following experts:
  • Mortiz Krahenamann: The CEO and Founder of Swissbreeze, Mortiz has rich experience in the areas of project and relationship management. He takes care of international client management and strategic management for the company.
  • Marvin Felder: Marvin is the IT Manager and Business Consultant for the firm and manages our digital strategy that spans the entire world. He is also involved in the management and development of e-commerce.
  • Luca d'Ambrosio: He is the Marketing Manager of our company and is responsible for developing the company brand and implementation of other marketing strategies.
  • Laurin Hauri: Laurin works as the company's HR Manager as well as CFO and leads the business development and customer relationship management division for the Switzerland region.
  • Elizabeth Chen: She is the country manager for China and handles public relations, marketing and brand development through social media in China.     
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